Monday, March 28, 2011

Paper for Japan

So Paper Source has decided to donate 10% of the sales of their  Japanese paper (which is pretty awesome, hand silkscreened, and is great for bookbinding) to relief efforts in Japan for all purchases through April 30th.

If you want to get some, help a brother out and show some love here.

Fundraiser(s) for Japan

So while the awesome Sketch for Japan show raised $1800 (hell yes!), we artists aren't stopping there!
For sure you have to check out Rise Japan Vol. 1 which is going down at 2 locations on April 2nd! 

Also, yours truly will be donating this piece:

to Rise Japan Vol. 2 which will be at ARC Gallery on April 7th!  Be there or be square!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monster Attack! Shirt Collab

So for those that missed out on the big show, fellow cryptozoologist Grant Gilliland and I teamed up for a pretty epic show.  You can check it all out at Big Umbrella Studios during open hours until April 10th.

While at that show, we live printed some shirts.  Now's your chance to buy this limited edition shirt!  Once this puppy sells out, we probably won't print more of them (unless hordes of you come knocking at our door), so pick yours up now!


Hand-printed on silky-smooth sexy Alternative Apparel shirts (see sizing chart above to pick your perfect fit), these shirts are guaranteed to make you more sexy than you already are.  And they're only $20! (plus shipping, tax, blah blah blah).

Cool, thanks for the support!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Child Snatcher

The Child Snatcher.  Digital.

Thanks everyone who came out to the opening of Bestiarum vocabulum!  The show will still be up until April 10, and you can check it out at Big Umbrella Wed+Thurs from 7-10pm, Fri+Sat from 3-10pm, and Sunday from 12-5pm.

Woooo!  Hope to put up more photos soon.  Plus, we're still selling our limited-edition t-shirts!  Wowza!  More details coming soon!