Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I'm compiling a bunch of bad date stories for a new zine project. There's no word limit, but if you feel the need to have guidelines, I'd say 500 words max is pretty good. Send your pictures/illustrations/poetry/stories/whatever on over to thebaddatezine@gmail.com.

Do it now! Please pass it on and if anything, tell your friends' bad date stories if need be.

The future of feminism on the web

If you have 82 minute or so (I listened to this on my day off while I cleaned my apartment), I would check out this roundtable discussion of prominent feminist writers by the UK Guardian. It really shows how awesome these women are and how fucked up, sexist, and homophobic our society STILL is.

I've also realized that this blog has become less and less about art specifically, but like I said at the beginning, I don't separate my politics from culture from art. So there.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whitney, Onion

So Eve and I returned from climbing Mt. Whitney. We went up the backside via the Mountaineer's Trail, but unfortunately, due to altitude sickness (on which I partially blame the guides), I puked my brains out at Lower Boyscout Lake (where we made basecamp) and ascended no further. All in all, besides the puking, it was a great experience, as the other climbers were super cool people and the view was amazing. And if anyone still wants to help get kids outdoors and donate anything between $5 and $1000, please do so here.

In other news, we'll be at the SF Zine fest (I think I already said that someplace) as Monkey +Seal (we =R +E). Hopefully we'll have buttons, zines, comics, and some other cool stuff. I also might be doing a bookbinding workshop, so you should definitely check it out. July 19+20th!

I have another entry in the Minted.com holiday card contest. Here's my submission (also seen below) and please vote! You have until June 20th or abouts there (you'll definitely have until then) so please help me out!

Lastly, a bit of fun from the Onion. Probably NSFW, if only cuz you have to hear the newscasters.

McCain Vows To Replace Secret Service With His Own Bare Fists

Sunday, June 1, 2008


So those that are artistically inclined should think about reading this (direct from the CEO of my company):

Minted is a new online store offering fresh, modern custom stationery and invitations. We believe that great design lives and thrives in the hands of independent brands and designers that consumers may not hear about or have access to through traditional retailers. For our launch, we've handpicked a selection of the best independent stationery brands, known for their artistry, exquisite printing, and superb papers.

We also want to enable talented designers everywhere to gain prominence and be compensated for great designs without having to manage a full-time stationery business or take on the challenge of printing and shipping to customers. We want to offer modern, unique customizable cards to the public. To this end, we plan to host continuous, themed design challenges named “Freshly Minted” where designers can submit designs into competition and the Minted community will select winners. Winning designs will be printed by us and sold on Minted.com.

Why participate?

· Prize winners will be awarded cash prizes and will be featured prominently throughout our site, and will earn a percentage of every sale of their design sold at Minted.

· From among those who enter, Minted will choose outstanding designers to commission further work from.

· Through our PR efforts, we build recognition for our designers in the press.

· The designer’s name and the month they became a member of the Minted community will always be printed on the back of their winning card design. Because the average card order will be around 75-100 cards that are sent out to the purchaser’s friends and family, this means that thousands of people will hear about you and your awesome talent if we end up selling your designs at Minted.

Our Current Design Challenge

Our current challenge is seeking really unique, modern, chic holiday photo cards and the deadline is Saturday, June 7th at 11:59 Pacific Time. Submit as many designs as you like! One request – please don’t change your style just because this is a holiday card challenge and you think that the community might want something more ‘traditional’ for the holidays. Think about what you and your friends would personally like to send out as a holiday card. This time there are two $1,000 prizes, one chosen by David Turner of Turner Duckworth and the other chosen by the Minted community.

Prizes: $1000 for 1st place winners; $250 for 2nd place winner; $100 each for 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners. All top 5 designs will be featured and sold on Minted.com, with the winning designers receiving 4% of net sales of the products sold, in addition to the cash prizes. Winners' names will be printed on the back of each of the cards they design and we sell. Finally, we are thrilled to announce that David Turner, the principal of Turner Duckworth, the renowned international brand design agency, will be choosing a design to receive a 2nd, separate $1000 award.

Please see www.minted.com/contest for details and to enter. Good luck!