Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whitney, Onion

So Eve and I returned from climbing Mt. Whitney. We went up the backside via the Mountaineer's Trail, but unfortunately, due to altitude sickness (on which I partially blame the guides), I puked my brains out at Lower Boyscout Lake (where we made basecamp) and ascended no further. All in all, besides the puking, it was a great experience, as the other climbers were super cool people and the view was amazing. And if anyone still wants to help get kids outdoors and donate anything between $5 and $1000, please do so here.

In other news, we'll be at the SF Zine fest (I think I already said that someplace) as Monkey +Seal (we =R +E). Hopefully we'll have buttons, zines, comics, and some other cool stuff. I also might be doing a bookbinding workshop, so you should definitely check it out. July 19+20th!

I have another entry in the holiday card contest. Here's my submission (also seen below) and please vote! You have until June 20th or abouts there (you'll definitely have until then) so please help me out!

Lastly, a bit of fun from the Onion. Probably NSFW, if only cuz you have to hear the newscasters.

McCain Vows To Replace Secret Service With His Own Bare Fists

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