Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So first off, I apologize to all those who see this post and say "WTF?" I have told some of you already, and if I haven't I apologize. I may have not told people because to us, the engagement wasn't a big deal. There was no bended knee, no asking permission from parents, no magical ring surprise. Now, this isn't to say that it isn't a big deal to me and Eve. It is, but in a way, it also isn't. We just sort of decided that we were going to get married in a few years. So even for a wedding invitation-nut like myself, the Save the Dates won't be coming for a while. Anyway, the main reason for writing this post is due to the topic of rings (or as of now, the lack thereof.)

There is no diamond ring because a)Eve doesn't like sparkly stuff (not even glitter), b)of all the spilled blood associated with diamond mines, and c)all the competition and crap socialized into the comparing of engagement rings.

However, I just read this post on feministing community on one woman's reconciliation with her engagement ring. I think it's beautifully written, poetic, and generally awesome. It didn't change my mind about a diamond ring (like I said, Eve doesn't like the sparkles), but it was a nice thing to read on a Wednesday afternoon.

PS - We are looking at rings, but we're not fans of gold and big fancy jewelry in general. We're also looking at necklaces, tattoos, and VERY nontraditional wedding rings (steampunk anyone?)


Michelle said...

Congratulations again, Rick and Eve! I am still hoping very VERY hard that the big event will have a vampire-pirate theme. (maybe you can exchange eye patches? no?)

Rick said...

Thanks Mitchbo! Who knows, it's so far off it's hard to tell how crazy it's going to be. We definitely want it to be on the less traditional side, but we'll see what we can get away with ;)