Monday, August 10, 2009


See this painting? It (among others) is now SOLD, baby!

So tonight Eve and I met with a couple who just moved into a new place and wanted some wall candy. Through friend of a friend, the guy heard about us and wanted to buy some art...and he did!

As embarrassingly noobish as this may sound, it's nice to finally have someone buy your art who doesn't already know you.

Hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

So last night I had a dream about working at Paper Source and having someone buy a shit-ton of ribbon and gift cards, and I was struggling to find the right gift cards under the heaps of ribbon. What a fucking nightmare that was. I've been thinking, is PS the new TR for me? I hope not, for my sanity's sake.

Also: I will still be posting here, but I'll be posting at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over at the new blog: Eve and I are getting seriously about this art biz, for reals.

Now, off to sleep. Work day 5 of 6 (in a row) incoming.

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