Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wants a Screenprinting studio

So as of now, I'm trying to print shit w/my screens on a board on my bathroom. Not working so well.

Perhaps it's being spoiled from working at AAU these past few years, but I miss their printing facility something fierce. Ideally, what I'm looking for is a facility with the following:

-24 hour access (or at least access til 2am?)
-an industrial sink and powerwasher
-a vacuum exposure unit
-a dark room
-a stockroom filled with emulsion, inks, stencil stripper, degreaser, and ink cleaner
-drying racks
-outlets (for a hairdryer)
-big-ass tables with lovely jiffy clamps
-a location that takes less than 30 min. to get to from my apartment

Sigh. I mean, I guess I could save up for the emulsion, inks, stencil stripper, etc., etc. And if I clean my desk I can get a table for my jiffy clamps. And I guess I could get a different bulb for my bathroom to use it as a darkroom for coating. And there is a power washer at the car wash 8 blocks away. Sigh. I guess I could buy the lamp and glass and foam and shit for the exposure unit, but goddamn, this pisses me off.

Okay, enough whining. Time to go print on the floor again.

Oh yeah, and I'm graduating. Big fucking whoop.

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