Sunday, October 10, 2010


Since today is 10-10-10 (!!) and is supposed to be scary or something, I've decided to start painting this little horror-inspired sketch that I did in my sketchbook.  Above is the original sketch and scan.  Notice that I have all the perspective wrong and I did the figure much larger on the bottom of the page knowing that I was going to complete this piece digitally.

In this next piece I worked out the composition, and fixed the perspective (thanks to lots of help from perspective master Eve).  Using the magic of layers in photoshop, I moved stuff around until I was happy with the placement and the feel of the piece.  I also added a little rat in the bottom, created a shoulder for the beast up front, and used the perspective tool to get the guy drawn right.

Now I turned the drawing into multiply layers and started blocking in general light/shadow patterns.  The main light source is going to be the fire in the barrel the homeless man is warming his hands on, and the other source is going to be the glow from the creature's eye and the reflected light off of the dumpster.

That's all for now, but I'll be working on this on and off, so keep checking back for more!

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