Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hella WIPs

So after joining the amazing WIP Nation, I've already got some great feedback on my Arctic Horror piece, which I'll be revising.  I'm also working on about five different pieces simultaneously to try and trick myself to not get bored with any one piece.  As long as I'm working on something new, the painting process gets less tedious, and by working on different pieces, I find that I'm painting each one faster, as since I'm taking breaks from each piece I reapproach each one with a fresh pair of eyes.

Anyway, here's two new WIPs (works in progress) for your viewing pleasure.

Larissa, Airship Mage, 1st Class

  Noxia, Queen of the Slime

Started working in two different styles, came out with two different points.  I'm a lot more happy with the direction Larissa is going, but I think it's just because I really focused on the figure in the slime painting first without resolving the background.  Thus, you have a much more finished foreground and a crap background, making me hate the painting, when I really just have to work on the background as much as the foreground.

Well, just gotta keep going.  I'm working on two other digital paints and a traditional piece, but they're in such a rough, crude, "I want to stab myself" point, I'll wait until they're a bit more respectable before posting them.

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