Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday cards and gallery openings

So Eve and I have been working on our holiday cards the past two nights and after a failed attempt to do a linocut, we got an EZ-mode soft rubber carving pad to do the carve on. We ended up going with the negative of the original line drawing, as it shows more color and will be more impressive when we heat emboss it.

Tonight, I finally started doing a run of a few of the cards. I decided to do a combination of a block print and a rubber stamp by doing everything like you would a linocut, but instead we're inking the block with a rubber stamp ink pad. This is so we can use embossing powder on the whole card. The finished cards are looking pretty sweet, and although there is a bit more to be desired in terms of contrast the card still reads pretty well and I like how they came out. Having a giant surface of heat embossed goodness is pretty sweet as well, and I started messing around with my stamping equipment and ended up embossing my business card holder which I never use (but will start now that it looks all awesome) and some business/calling cards.

I came up with a thumb for a new illustration I want to do, and I'm mulling over some designs for a version of my "poet" shirt. I've decided on a 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse theme (nearly overdone to death, I know) for my 2nd to last digital illustration project. I'm working on some ironic character design to try and keep the characters more original and interesting. I think the one I'm currently going to flush out is War, but I may end up doing Pestilence instead.

Anyhoo, if you're in SF this coming Friday, check out this gallery opening for Kate Bingaman-Burt's Obsessive Compulsion. It's at Rare Device on Market from 6-10pm on the 7th. Check it out!

Here is a quick sketch 1 minute sketches I did of a lizard warrior and a robo-diving suit.
I don't know why the colors got all fucked up with this lizard warrior one. I sketch in strange colors, but nothing this neon... I wonder why google screws up the color on my images sometimes...

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