Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So I figured some or most of you reading this may have never seen some modeling work I did with Howard Cao, a SF photographer. He selected me from the Blackwell files (for whom I do freelance modeling sometimes) and I worked with him over a few weekends to do this crazy promotional shoot. I had never had so much fun on a photo shoot.

Anyway, so I just got an email from the Blackwell files regarding a new opportunity, and I went to their site, and the promo shots are all up on the portfolio site. Frickin' ridiculous.

So if you want to go see me in really funky costumes and such, check out the site. You may have to refresh it a few times, as there are a bunch of photos up there, including the one where I'm an evangelical preacher "healing" an old lady.

Frickin' silly.

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