Monday, July 14, 2008


Come check out the SF Zine Fest! It's frickin' free people! This weekend!

There's tons of workshops, off-site events, and other hella cool stuff. I'm even co-instructing a bookbinding workshop! Eve and I have a table under Monkey + Seal, and we'll be selling zines, comics, buttons, and hopefully more! Check out the site for more details!

In other news, I submitted this design for the newest design competition. Which, if you are artistically inclined, should enter! The next topic hasn't been released yet, but keep checking back at for the next one!

And in much less-cool news, my cousin Amy was recently diagnosed with cancer. Fuggin' sucks, but she seems in high spirits and her uber-cool husband Floyd has a blog keeping it updated with Amy's conditions. Feel free to send any well-wishes her way.

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