Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Woot Vermont and Iowa!

In case you haven't heard, Iowa and Vermont are making California look like old-timey jackasses by LEGALIZING GAY MARRIAGE! Fuck YES!

Anyhoo, in spite of the awesome frickin' amazing news that has me jumping around my apartment, on my butty Jess' blog, I found a poster...apparently I'm a bit lost.

Anyhoo, so I finished a series of Wanted posters for the crypids the Chupacabra, the Jersey Devil, and the Mothman for my screenprinting class. 19 runs with 3 emulsion wash-outs = 47 hours of time in the silkscreen studio.

So I'm now taking Silkscreen 2 next semester, and I think I may have found my little niche. I've tried fighting the fact that I'm a fine artist, and a fine artist printmaker at that, but alas, what are you gonna do?

Anyway, for anyone that's interested (and I doubt that's very many people), my class schedule for next Fall looks like this:
-Illustration 3
-Silkscreen 2
-Mixed Media Drawing and Painting
-Fine Art Portfolio and Professional Practices.

Uber. Also, the Bad Date Zine Issue 2 is nearly ready to go to press, and I'm currently working on finally getting my own personal website up and running. Huzzah! Now, off to work on my next 2 silkscreen projects...

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