Monday, September 28, 2009

really really quick sketch

~15 min, all photoshop.

I watched The Dark Knight a few weeks ago (again), and besides me walking around annoying Eve with the "wHy So sERIouS??" line all the time, I've also been working on some logo prelims for a sketch comedy troupe. Thus, besides the craft fair I'm putting on, my brain has been all about clowns.

Anyway, I slept early (~12:45ish) and am now feeling overloaded with things to do before I go to work at 12:30. So, I wanted to throw up a sketch and get back to work.

Also, I taught the Japanese Stab Binding class last night at Paper Source, and although we didn't get through as many stitches as I wanted to, I think everyone took away a good deal of basic stab binding knowledge and hopefully they can apply it to many more books.

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