Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday and Saturday

Up and down Friday/Saturday

+ Eve and I went to the Fillmore Art Walk yesterday (Friday) and got to paint collaboratively live! We also ran into tons of friends, and it was a good time hanging out, talking about art and business and generally having a great time. Thanks organizers!

- It was windy and we had to put away our table, as my ties were blowing away. It was also cold to the point that Eve suggested we pack up as she thought she was getting hypothermic. We then proceeded to walk our heavy table, painting supplies, and big suitcase full of merch back home. My arms hurt.

+ After warming up a bit at our apartment, we took a bus over to My Tofu House and had some awesome Korean tofu soup and vegetable pancake. Plus, I got to eat the hot tea/rice -caked-to -the-side-of-the-iron-rice-pot soup that I so love after eating Korean tofu soup.

-I had to wake up early for work (as for me, getting to work by 10am can be kinda hard sometimes).

+ At work, I spent 3 hours finalizing a wedding invite order for a super cool couple. It was also a big order, which made it even better.

- At work, some dickhead fuck-face comes in and threatens a co-worker with "I'm friends with the owner, if that's the way you want to play it" when requesting us wrap a gift he brought in from outside the store when a)we don't wrap gifts bought elsewhere, and b)we have the right to wrap at our discretion if the store is busy, which it was, and c)we were closing in 5 minutes. If I knew where he lived, I would shit on his pillow.

+/- On my way home from work, I stopped at Divis to wait for the light to cross, when some girl asks me if I have a lighter. I respond that I don't, and she says "Awww. You look like you'd have a light..." She then walks behind me to greet one of her friends and I hear her say in sort of a whisper "...because you're good looking." While flattering, it was creeped the hell out of me.

+ Eve and I went to TJ's and we just bought some root beer, vanilla ice cream, and some Grey Goose. Fuck. Yes.

+Will draw lots tonight, and I have a lot of projects in the works! For anyone still reading this, I'm working on a resource guide of sorts to help artists starting out in their career. Yay!

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