Friday, May 7, 2010


This first speed paint was done as a sort of inspirational take on our seemingly insurmountable goals.  I  used it as the image for today's blog post over at Monkey + Seal about getting off your ass and doing some work.

The below are done with acrylic washes on paper (watercolor isn't always permanent enough for my liking) with ink on top, with more acrylic on top of that (sometimes).  I'm trying out this new, quick, very raw style, and I'm liking it a lot.  For shits and giggles and hopefully some cash, I'm going to start selling these bad boys - original art for $22 ($20 + 2 shpping).  

#1. Ogre Grin

#2 - Bacon Demon

#3 Beheaded

#4 Brain Stew

Please buy my shit.  And by "shit," I mean "totally awesome artwork.  Thanks.

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