Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/19/10 - iPhone case + empire building

So if you're interested, I'm selling these.  And if you are wondering about this (since it's a skin and not a case - get a clear case if you want protection), here is some info:

"The skins are made of a durable and easy-to-remove 3M vinyl material. It has special "comply" cross-hatch channels so that you can push out any air bubbles really easily. The adhesive is contained in little beads on the back of the vinyl. It is only when you apply firm pressure and burst them that skin adheres properly. This means that providing you don't apply firm pressure you can reposition your art multiple times without damaging it. The skins also have a protective gloss over-laminate that minimizes scratching to your device." (from the manufacturer's site)

Cool.  I get these printed on-demand, so just fyi, it might take a week or two for you to get these in your hot little hands.  $20 + $2 shipping = $22.  Sweet.  Thanks a bunch and enjoy!

PS - If you're reading this before 9am PST, check out Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit.  This shit is pretty legit -  we own it, and I can say it's well worth the money.  Buy that shit today and start building your own empire like yours truly.  Huzzah!

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