Friday, February 4, 2011

Art stuff, gallery ownership, monsters, etc.

 So here's the awning for the gallery space that I now co-own.  Yay!  You can find out more info at

Our last show "A House of Cards" had these four paintings of mine up, all monsters inspired by the four suits of a deck of cards.


Sorry for the crappy quality, took 'em with my phone right before the opening.

Many apologies for completely falling off the blogging bandwagon.  Between getting this gallery up and running, trying to get our workshop program off and running, work (at PS and printing shirts), and just trying to paint, I've been crazy swamped.  Also, my dad ended up getting some of his kidney removed due to kidney cancer, so I spent a few days visiting him in the hospital.  Fortunately, the hospital was 6 blocks away from our apt., so the walk there was quick and painless.

Now I'm taking City College classes to help defer my huge mountain of private loans.  The classes are way more chill than any I've ever taken at Academy.  Much less emphasis on classical realism, and so far no homework.  I ended up joining in during the third week of class and pretty much caught up completely in one day.  Nice.

It's really a cool environment for experimentation and just trying out new stuff.  I must admit, I'm already loving it (just not loving getting up early, but whatevs).

Anyway, happy 2011 and hopefully I'll be able to post here weekly or so.  As always, you can keep up more frequently MWF (or thereabouts) at the Monkey + Seal blog.   

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