Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Defending the Homeland

Digital quick sketch. "Defending the homeland."

Morquat turned back to the last remaining defenders. 'I need more time!!" He quickly returned to focusing his energies on the task at hand - the last remaining bridge. Morquat could feel the heat of the plasma as it flew but a few feet overhead. As he closed his eyes to focus on channeling the forest energy, he heard the unearthy howl of the lumbering beast just yards away. He wondered if the plasma bolts were doing anything but enraging the invader further..

So Eve got a subscription to the Gnomon workshops, and after watching one where Scott Roberts uses markers and overlays them on top of each other to get weird compositions for landscapes, I sort of tweaked it using a mix of digital and traditional media to get a basic shape, then figured out a story (and of course, carved out a monster).  It's not a lot different from the process I outlined in my monster book for my monster sketches, so it was really natural for me to work this way.

I'm definitely looking forward to learning some new techniques to improve my art as a whole.  Cool.

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