Friday, February 22, 2008

Check out my Etsy Shop!

After slowly working on this between homework, life in general, and work, I have finally opened up my own little button shop at Etsy.

You can check it out here at

I've got my buttons up and running. Hopefully I'll eventually have some illustrations, chapbooks, comics, clothing, and more up, but that's all for now :)

And if you spread the word, I'd be most grateful :)

Oh yeah, and I finally got some art to put up.

This is my first oil painting EVER. Well, the first one I actually tried on. My first ever oil painting was with Eve, and I did a little 3x5 canvas board in about 10 minutes. This one took about 6 hours.This one is my second oil painting, but the first one wher I actually had to mix colors myself and not rely on shit that comes out of the tubes.

Eh, the drawing is kinda off in em, and the colors/values could be better, but for 6 hours each, I don't think they're half bad. And excuse the bad photo quality. I'm still working on that.

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