Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Biggest Adventure EVER

So I'm about to undertake one of the largest adventures of my life. Ever.

I'm not traversing through the jungle, or climbing Everest. Instead, I'm quitting my jobs and starting up a business.

So I have no money saved up. I'll get a little from my art school loans, but that's pretty much almost enough to pay my bills each month. I have $300 in start-up funds, and that's going to have to go the distance.

My website isn't up yet (I haven't even settled on a domain name), I have maybe 27% of the products done, and I've decided that come December, I will be solely employed by myself (although I will be at Minted one day a week for three weeks to help train my replacement).

However, I have faith in myself and my product...well, mainly in a way, that product is me and my expertise. Nothing is super finalized yet, but I've given both and Paper Source my notice, and am on my way out the door.

Shitty economy? Check. No savings? Check. Deciding to risk my livelihood on my wit, skills, and fearlessness? Check. Complete confidence in myself? Check. No one ever accused me of having a small ego.

Many thanks to everyone at both jobs - I'm still going to stay in touch, and an especially large thanks to everyone who is currently on my advisory committee, and a huge ass giant fucking thank you to Eve for supporting my "reckless abandon" and even encouraging me to do so, which is especially gutsy as we share rent payments and a bank account.

And so you heard it here first: The first month my website is up, I'll do 10 orders easily. Here we go!

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