Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Rick Kitagawa Voter Guide

So I'm not going to go into all the bazillion different propositions and crap, but I'll outline my stance on the most important ones. And if you're asking, I do read the legal text of most of the propositions, so yeah.

SF locals:
V - NO

1A - YES
2 - YES
4 - NO
5 - YES
7 -NO
8 - NO

So for those San Franciscans reading this - the local propositions:
Prop B - Yes. Raise money for more affordable housing? Hells yes.
Prop H - YES! Despite all the stuff I get from other Asian American groups, I say vote yes. I'm a bit wary about the lack of voter approval of bond issuance, but the proposition doesn't necessarily call for bond issuance. The proposition basically calls for an independent evaluation of the best way to make sure SF is running on renewable energy, as much as fast as possible at THE LOWEST COST. It protects the jobs of PG&E workers if it's cheaper to buy out PG&E, and I don't think the current board of supervisors would be stupid enough to quadruple everyone's energy bills.
Prop K - YES! Protect the sex workers! It still allows for full prosecution of pimps, human traffickers, etc. but allows the sex workers to testify and such without fear of legal repercussions. In a really bad analogy, don't hate the players, hate the game (and those that create it).
Prop T - YES - Don't want druggies sleeping outside your apartment? Help them clean up by providing some substance abuse treatment to help them get their lives on track.
Prop V - NO - Screw the JROTC. Granted, it has it's benefits as a leadership program, but it's a military recruiting program. There are many other better leadership programs in SF that will easily fill the gap.

State props:
1A - God YES! - Come on, a light rail from SF to LA? Why the hell wouldn't you want this? More jobs! Less pollution! Come on!
2 - YES!! - If you don't like those PETA ads cuz they gross you out, then vote for this so they can finally stop showing those things.
4 - NOOOOOO! - This basically will drive pregnant teens to do very dangerous things to try and abort their babies. I'd like to stop hearing stories of girls who have their boyfriends punch them in the stomach to try and abort the baby cuz they can't tell their parents about their pregnancy.
5 - YES! - Let's get nonviolent drug offenders rehabilitated rather than clogging up our prisons and using our tax dollars to put them in a place that won't rehabilitate them as good as a treatment program would.
6 - NO - I'm all for helping out our law enforcement people (unless they're corrupt, shady, abusive scum), but thre's a lot of other crap in here that will just send more people to jail instead of figuring out a way of preventing them from being criminals in the first place. More treatment and prevention, less jails.
7 - No. Total fakester environmental bill. Sounds good, doesn't quite work though.
8 - Vote NO ON HATE. Seriously, if you are my friend and you vote yes on this, I will seriously punch you. And then I won't be your friend anymore because your homophobia overcame your sense of justice.

And if you must know, I'm voting for OBAMA. I like the policy work of Cythia McKinney and Rosa Clemente (the Green candidates), but I've never been as inspired and as hopeful as I have been watching Obama speak. He is the great leader of our gotta go with Obama all the way.

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