Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New work

So while I've been working on a complete update/overhaul/redesign of www.rickkitagawa.com, I've been changing up my painting style. Long gone (for the most part) is the pursuit of classical realism.

Now, I'm painting 100% for myself, which means quicker, dirtier, more visceral, and with shitloads of poorly painted words that (in theory) add to the piece in ways that a pure image would lack. I've always been a fan of words and art (hello comics and graphic novels) and I think they can be used to tell stories that either just art or just words can tell (although in my case, I'm not sure if I'm achieving this lofty goal all the time, or just being obnoxious...either way is fine).

So I'll shut up now and just show some of the art. They're painted with acrylic paint on black mat board ~3"x4".

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