Thursday, December 2, 2010


Gads, I've been so wrapped up in painting I completely forgot to upload stuff. Guh.  Anyway, here's all the stuff I've been working on the past 10 days.
 This was done for the Monkey + Seal blog.  I am vegan, after all., but Tofurky is pretty damn tasty.

These next few pieces are new paintings I"ll be showing at the Chillin Productions Holiday show and at Big Umbrella's group show on December 9th.

Last but not least, these are digitally inked line drawings for the Monkey + Seal 2010 holiday cards.  I'm working on getting the final card colored and to the press so hopefully we can sell them at the Bazaar Bizarre Holiday Show on the 11th and 12th at Fort Mason.  

The drawings below will be digitally moved around, resized, colored, and etc. all before it goes to press.  Yay!

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Eve Skylar said...

I really like your monster paintings!
Nice colors. And they look so fun.