Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12/07 - 12/13

 Another art dump, since I've been too swamped with Bazaar Bizarre (which went fabulously, I might add) to really post.  Here it goes.

This is for a M+S blog post about having realistic expectations. We don't have to finish first to still be a winner.

"The Woodcutter's Remorse"

 Another fuggin' creepster.

 Above 2 sheets are sketches for an upcoming Monkey story.

I did this quick paint for a friend's birthday present.  Strongly based off a really good photo ref.

Pretty much finished "Horror in the Alley" piece.  Might keep tweaking it, but overall, I'm pretty happy. 

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Eve Skylar said...

I really like "woodcutter's remorse" and "horror in the alleyway." Nice mood in these pieces!