Monday, June 13, 2011

Surprising myself

To be perfectly honest, I have never really surprised myself in this way.  I'm too much of a quitter and excuser to really ever surprise myself.  I do things that I know I can do, and I back off of things I think I can't do.  Everything that I've had my doubts about have ended up in failing.

This is the challenge, to figure out something that I think I'm not capable of doing and then to do it.  I need to find something small to boost my confidence, as the one biggest challenge for me (ie living solely off of my art), is definitely something I am not confident about, otherwise I would have already quit the dayjob.  Thus, to prove to myself that it's something I can really do (over the course of the next few months and not the next few years), I need to challenge myself to do something that I can realistically get done in a day or so.

Any suggestions?

Think of a time when you didn’t think you were capable of doing something, but then surprised yourself.  How will you surprise yourself this week?
(Author: Ashley Ambirge)

1 comment:

Eve Skylar said...

how about trying to vend at pier 39 for 2 weeks?

or getting your ties to more physical shops?