Monday, July 4, 2011

Call to Arms

Over the next 12 months we're going to focus on turning Monkey + Seal into major players in the art market.  Over the next five years, we expect to be household names for artists with books, toys, and many other licensing deals signed or in progress.

Over the upcoming months, we're going to do our usual round of conventions and fairs, but make sure that we leave an impression.  Zine Fest, APE, and Baz Biz Holiday are all going to be huge events for us.  We'll release a comic by APE, hopefully a new zine by the Zine Fest, and more of everything by the holiday season.

This next year we'll focus more on seasonal opportunities  - next May and June will be big for ties for graduates and fathers.  We'll use August and October to build up interest in monsters and our books.  Late January and early February will be a great opportunity to tell ladies and gents that their male partners would look great in a tie.

We'll also explore more venues for sales, including becoming licensed SF street artists and increasing our areas of exposure by pursuing more wholesale venues.  Aquariums, both domestic and international, as well as bike shops, SF-specific gift shops, will be new opportunities for selling our products.


What if today, right now, no jokes at all, you were actually in charge, the boss, the Head Honcho. Write the “call to arms” note you’re sending to everyone (staff, customers, suppliers, Board) charting the path ahead for the next 12 months and the next 5 years. Now take this manifesto, print it out somewhere you can see, preferably in big letters you can read from your chair.
You’re just written your own job description. You know what you have to do. Go!
(bonus: send it to the CEO with the title “The things we absolutely have to get right – nothing else matters.”)
(Author: Sasha Dichter)

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