Saturday, May 2, 2009

Art on sale, finals madness

So I finally put some paintings and prints up on our Etsy site at Huzzah! I'll be posting some more affordable art up very soon, as I just did a large 3-color edition of a jackalope and some quick monster paintings on paper that will go up as soon as they're scanned/photographed.

Anyway, I just had a 22-hour day yesterday, 15 of those either screenprinting or painting, then another 8 of those doing an illustration and a wedding invitation design. When these roughs are finalized, I'll post more.

So this swine flu thing is just stupid, btw. People die of the regular flu everyday. No biggie, and when you can report the individual cases on a daily basis, IT IS NOT A PANDEMIC!

I want to start coughing on the bus and then muttering "..hmm, that chorizo I just ate isn't sitting well..."

Anyway, time to do some painting, then I have a meeting with a wedding client. Yosh!

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Michelle said...

Cool paintings! I too am so over this swine flu hype. People are like, oh, we are so afraid of exotic-sounding "new" diseases from foreign countries. I blew my nose in class last week (seasonal allergies) and this lady wanted to douse a 4-foot radius around me with Purell. Whatever. People need to calm the fuck down (except infants, the elderly, and the immunocompromised... they should start freaking out now).