Friday, May 15, 2009

Kelly Tsai is awesome

So I totally haven't done anything related to poetry in like a million years, but I recently found out that Kelly Tsai, an AMAZING Asian Am spoken word artist is on twitter, and she tweets haiku daily. I started following her, and two days ago she laid this one down:

vampires enter /
only when invited in /
recognize your worth

Damn. Anyway, check her stuff out, she's super dope!

In other news, Little Yeti/Rick is also on twitter, and you can find me here!

Also, in yet more news, I'm finally done with the semester! I'm going to hit up the SFAI MFA program's show tonight, then head out to Lake Pardee for the weekend relaxation and to celebrate my mom's birthday. Hopefully I'll do some watercolor landscapes, take some photos, and just chill out by the lake.

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