Monday, May 25, 2009

New prints are up/congrats Eve!

Above are the thumbnails for the piece below, titled "Bullies." Tons of crappy compositional studies, then some character development to get the right look. There's 2 more pages of character studies, but they are even more lame than these, so I'll spare you. Anyway, the finish is a 27-run (even though you can't tell) Edition Varie' of 5. I think I ended up only spending ~45 hours on this one.

Finish: "Bullies" 30" x 19.5" 27-color serigraph on Rives BFK.

This lovely 1-color print, inspired by the old-skool Dave Chappelle Rick James skit (I can't believe that was like 3+ years ago!) . Anyway, fornicate your couch with this print and buy it today!
Here's a 3-color serigraph, cleverly titled as "Squid." I'm still not sure if I like doing one giant print with a massive number of runs, or many smaller prints with fewer colors. I guess I have to sort that out before I start silkscreen 2 next semester. Anyway, the squid is on sale here.

So Eve's parents were up over the weekend, and we played some Settler of Catan, cooked, and checked out Eve's illustration and puppet which made it into the Spring Show. Her puppet won an Honorable Mention (which is sort of interesting, as there was a 1st place for puppets, but no 2nd or 3rd place to be found...) . Anyway, it was nice to see the future in-laws again and congrats to everyone who got something into the show!
Eve's stopmotion puppet (it can move!), about 1'x4'. Note the fancy ribbon in front! Woot!


eve skylar said...

Arigatou na! Here's to more art over the summer!

Michelle said...

Sorry people, the squid print is no longer for sale :)

Little Yeti said...

Well, technically, Squid print #2/13 isn't for sale, but the remaining 11 are :D

However, I appreciate your territorialism, Michelle.

Michelle said...

hahah, damn. Don't tell Leikauf; you know how he feels about other people owning the same things.